This term i think i have gone really well. i have finish nearly all my work, i have had a lot of fun , enjoy myself and also learnt a lot.

What i have liked

  • Miss Hinds is willing to help when you need it and is every understanding
  • the class is nice and willing to help if you ask for it or need it
  • the teacher are there to listen and not to just judge you

What i dislike

  • The class get really nosie sometimes
  • The Boyz yell out and it gets on everyone nerves
  • three block of history on fridays

What i have inproved on

  •  fractions (Maths)
  • spelling (english)
  • reading (A loud)
  • drama
  • art
  • P.E

What i can improve on next term

  • Spelling (Engish)
  • Pushishing (Computers)
  • Reading (Aloud)

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